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August 27 - Oct 21, 2018

Most courses are 3 credit hours

Cost includes course tuition and fees, including the academic resource, student services, and technology fees.

Educational Levels

  • Lower Undergraduate courses (1000 and 2000) require students to be a junior or senior in high school or a high school graduate.
  • Upper Undergraduate courses (3000 and 4000) require students to have completed at least 45 credit hours of college credit
  • Graduate Level courses (5000 and 6000) require students to have graduated from a Bachelor degree program.

Students are allowed to take up to 3 courses prior to enrollment in a degree program.

Please email Admissions with questions:


Course Registration for Academic Term 1 is  CLOSED

Please click on the course for which you desire to register and click on the "Take This Course" option to register for the course.