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Jesus sends all of his followers into the world to serve in the mission of God. Christian believers have the privilege of joining that mission – working alongside God in his work in our world. And God designed each of us for a unique mission to impact those around us. But how can we know what our mission is and how can we understand what God is calling us to do?

Upon completing the Associate Certificate in Missional Praxis, you will be able to discern God at work in your neighborhood, community and around the world and have the skills and resources to follow Jesus into your world as a messenger of hope, healing, restoration, and renewal.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Praxis answers five questions:

• What is the mission of God in our world, and what is my role in it?
• How do I grow spiritually, help other Christians to grow spiritually, and join other believers in engaging my community?
• How do I share my faith in a conversational, non-confrontational way?
• How do I equip myself and others to embody the message and image of Jesus in my community?
• How do I live out my unique calling from God and equip other believers to do the same?


The certificate consists of 15 credit hours. It may be completed in as little as 10 months (during 5 eight week academic terms) or may be spread out over 24 months.


A survey of Missio Dei, the Mission of God, explores Salvation History through the redemptive vision of God. The student will learn how God is reconciling all of creation unto himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Students will also observe God at work through His people in mission. Read more

This course explores the spiritual dimension of missional engagement in the post-Christendom world. Students will discover practical and creative ways of deepening their personal spirituality allowing more engagement with not-yet Christians and the development of an authentic missional community. Resources will include readings, video interviews with practitioners, creative spiritual practices, real-life experimentation, and weekly Q & A reports.     Read more

Exploration of an approach to worldview study and a dialogical method of sharing your faith at a personal level, beginning with a clear understanding of Christian mission. Considers how understanding another person’s worldview through asking excellent questions will lead to a variety of approaches to evangelism in the context of diverse 21st century cultures.  Read more

This course will focus on living as a disciple in every area of life. "Missional" is a ministry buzz word but few know how to live it. This course will give students a clear definition of missional, best practices to living a missional life, and a template to apply God’s Mission into any context in which the student lives.    Read more

Examines the basic essentials and disciplines of transformational disciplemaking. Students will be exposed to the classic Great Commission scriptures for the purpose of developing a biblical base and strengthen their theological position toward making disciples, then design a personal plan of pursuing life utilizing a more effective disciplemaking strategy.      Read more