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Graduate Certificate in New Testament Mission

It can be difficult to know where to begin in finding a program in New Testament studies, and whether a given program suits your purposes. The Certificate in New Testament Mission bridges the gap between the first century and what God is calling you to do today in the 21st century.

Our Certificate in New Testament Mission guarantees three things: an adherence to the principles and practice of the critical study of the New Testament as an academic discipline, a precise focus on mission theory and practice as witnessed in the New Testament, and practical advice on applying and translating the wisdom of the first apostles and evangelists to your own missional context. Taught by faculty with an international background in teaching the New Testament at all levels in a number of different cultural contexts, and with both a passion and experience in preparing students for ministry and mission, the certificate program offers a quick and effective way to grow your academic, missional, and practical skills.

The certificate consists of 18 credit hours. It may be completed in as little as 10 months (during 5 eight week academic terms) or may be spread out over 24 months.